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some testimonials from my clients.

  • Although our opinions may be viewed as biased, as I also think she is the best sister ever. She is however the best photographer I have had the pleasure to work with. My husband and I don't like being in front of the camera and it takes a lot to get us to loosen up. Knowing this she pushed to have us do engagement photos that we weren't originally going to do. The engagement photos were, I think, the most important step in the process of getting beautiful wedding photos. The time spent on them allowed us to become comfortable working with her and gave us all a chance to get to know what we needed to do to get the perfect shot. She is very professional and this is truly evident when faced with being the photographer for your own sister. She donned the photographer hat and transformed, ensuring that all members of the party were directed and controlled allowing a smooth process. Her artistic eye gave us a timeless piece to always remember the day for the beautiful and perfect day it was.

    Ryan & Leslie Hepworth
    Ryan & Leslie Hepworth Engagement & Wedding Photography
  • Without any hesitation, I can say that Natashya is one of the best and most professional photographers I have ever dealt with. She just knows the right angles that work for you and as a result, her work always comes out stunning. Natashya is super fun to work with and helps you relax for the camera. She has an eye for detail and I could not imagine anyone else perfectly capturing what I was looking for in my pictures! I would recommend Natashya for any event or important date!

    Leah Xuereb
    Leah Xuereb Headhots, Glamour Shots
  • Natashya took time from her vacation to do our first set of Family Photos in over 7 years. We were at ease from the beginning, and even though I take photos of my kids everyday, she was able to coax out real smiles, and got photos of us as we are - a silly family. While there are many outtakes, most of these are my favorites, we also have really great photos because of Natashya's patience. There are hundreds of photos, what she's chosen to show online is a fraction of the one's that she took. Through all of those photos, I have more favorites than I ever could have imagined. The patience she had with all of us, especially my husband who was goofing around, made us all feel comfortable and we ended up with gorgeous pictures, and a great family memory.

    Melanie O'Rorke
    Melanie O'Rorke Family Portraits
  • Anyone looking for a photographer who fits right in and becomes a part of your wedding day, Natashya is it! She produced absolutely stunning pictures that were exactly what we had hoped for! She was a ton of fun, made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and best of all captured our day with the exact vision we had! We could not have asked for more! I would recommend Natashya to anyone!

    Erica Enright
    Erica Enright Wedding Photography
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